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While it is essential for me to keep my content accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation, I am an independent artist trying to survive in capitalism. I pay out of my own pocket for art supplies, website hosting, sensitivity readers. Not to mention the hundreds of hours spent on scripting, designing, sketching, painting, editing, posting, and scheduling - instead of earning money. Don't get me wrong: I do it happily! But unfortunately, I don't have the resources to keep going like this for much longer.

That's why every bit of financial support means the world to me,
both on a practical and emotional level.

Please consider buying a printed copy of the book or a Patreon subscription for Early Access & Bonus Content
to keep the story (and Kshesmir) alive!

If there's something you really want but truly cannot afford it, please reach out - we will work something out.


Want to help but don't want to buy anything? No problem! It is extremely helpful if you follow "War is where the Heart is" on Social Media - like, comment, and share our content to help break through the algorithms and crawl out of the abyss of The Indifference of the Internet. 

Lastly, if you have a truly big Heart and want to donate... Well, I'm not going to stop you.

You have my humble thanks and eternal gratitude.  

War is where the Heart is

A queer fantasy rom-com Webcomic | New page every Thursday!

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