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Hi, I'm Szabor Smo Sienkiewicz (he/him), and I'm the human being behind "War is where the Heart is." It means a lot to me that you're here.
As an Eastern European trans man, I have literally never seen myself represented in pop culture. In addition to that, the Polish stories, symbols and heroes that I grew up with, identify with, and that I love often get appropriated by right-wing ideologies. It is my wish to reclaim these stories, and to make them queer.

I wanted to take the character of a larger-than-life adventurer, and to make him trans. To take the cheesiest fairytale of a romance that would put a harlequin to shame, and make it queer. To take the character of a brilliant but ruthless ruler, and make her a woman.

This comic is my rebellion against the bigotry in Poland and against anti-Slavic xenophobia in the West. It is a wish for an Eastern Europe that is untainted by patriarchy and white supremacy, one that embraces and celebrates diversity.
One that was never subdued, never christened - one that preserved its very own Magic. 


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Let's get sappy!

Big thank you to my amazing Patrons:



Your support means everything to me!

And these wonderful humans and cats, in no particular order:

Juno, my sensitivity reader, who also became a friend. You've been an absolute delight to work with. Thank you for your insight, creativity and reassurances while I overthink, overworry, and generally over-everything. 

Find Juno online @

While Juno's assistance has been invaluable, any errors or omissions remain the sole responsibility of the author, a.k.a me. Please always feel free to call me out. 

My lovely beta readers: Emilian, Nadja, Aiu & Kat. I'm incredibly thankful for your enthusiasm and support. 

My alpha reader, my best friend, my walrus, my soulmate, my Andrew. Thank you for being the Mid-Life Crisis to my Daddy Issues. 

And Ugaś, who shortly after her death came to me in a dream and brought me the beginning of this story. 



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War is where the Heart is

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