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In Medieval Eastern Europe, a transmasculine troublemaker goes to war to pay off the debt for his magical transition. The next logical step? Develop a savage crush on his hyperprivileged, famously hedonistic Daddy of a commander.

“War is where the Heart is” is a lighthearted romantic comedy with deadly stakes. It is a queer, feminist, 
body-, sex- and kink- positive saga exploring the impact of power imbalance on love.
It contains swearwords, occasional violence and (mostly gay) sex - censored on this page.

For the uncensored version head over to

As demons howl over the savage steppe, the characters ride a roller coaster of danger and fun, magic and love,

awkward sexual tension, breathtaking (handpainted!) landscapes, and nerdy alternative history.
Read for free below!

War is where the Heart is

A queer fantasy rom-com Webcomic | New page every Thursday!

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